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I am convinced that support lies in the heart of any development programme of people and organisations. The connection between the teacher and mentor is the key to understand how and where you can grow.

My 20,000-plus hours of experience with leaders and teams allows me to offer an empathic support to each professional in every project we design together.

Autonomy Development

Creative people and teams are more responsible, give productive feedback, and promote continuous improvement. That is why we will work as a group to allow each professional to be aware of and optimise their skills and autonomy. To do so I have my unique methodology devised over 25-plus years of experience developing people and teams.


Nothing motivates more than relying on the organisation as a partner to tackle the challenge of designing creative programmes that allow the integration and use of the worked concepts.

People learn and flourish when the contents makes sense not only through the message but also in the manner it is covered.

Tailor-made Work

I believe the success of a project lies in the right communication with the public and its needs. We will work to design a tailor-made programme for the specific demands of each professional or organisation.

Customised to you

Trainings and projects customised to your requirements

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Customised to you