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Personal Development

  • Analysis of skills and potentials through a behavioural profile test
  • Designing of individual development plans
  • Mentoring for effective talks and presentations
  • Strategic Mentoring for decision making and a work/life balance
  • Mentoring for life and career autonomy
  • Coaching for the development of behavioural skills

Corporate Development

  • Mapping of team potentials for its development
  • Development of effective communication
  • Development of a culture of feedback and performance 
  • Establishing of customer services and satisfaction standards
  • Behavioural development of teams
  • Training and mentoring for leadership
  • Coaching of professionals in a career transition

Talks / Workshops

Thematic axes to be covered in a customised manner:

  • Development of Behavioural Skills
  • Leadership Skills in Challenging Scenarios
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Work/Life Balance
  • The Essential Communication
  • Peace and Results: a Possible Equation
  • Dealing with Perfectionism Day by Day
  • Personal History Mosaic Workshop (books included)
  • Mentoring for the designing of a development plan (individually or in groups)
  • Yarning circles for solutions and decision taking
  • Designing and implementation of Excellence in Customer Service
  • Team potential analysis (individually or in groups) based on the use and interpretation of the Profiler test and the designing of an action plan

Please ask about other subjects within the knowledge areas listed above.