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Conheça as experiências obtidas nos meus treinamentos.

Taking part in the coaching process with Lisi was a milestone in my professional life. I was starting a new phase in my career, and coaching expanded my repertoire of tools to deal with the day-to-day challenges. Having these tools, especially during the pandemic, increased my ability to manage my professional routine.
Everton Godoy
Coaching was not a process, it was a liberating journey! It helped me take control of my life again. I understood who I am, how I think, and how I make decisions. It freed me from chains that had never had any use, that had never helped. I learned to listen to myself! Yes, that`s a wonderful exercise. I understood the importance of letting things `settle`, of separating what is mine and what does not belong to me! I also learnt that it`s not enough to accept others as they are, I need to accept myself as I am...imperfect! Thank you so much for existing, Lisiane! I am so lucky to have met you!
Adriano Oliveira
I just wanted to say that your training gave me strength and courage to move forward and not give up. Your words and your way of dealing with things are enchanting and encourage us to keep going. I just wanted you to know that your words are an inspiration to many people and I thank you, even though you didn`t know how important you were to me at that moment. I send you my love and thank you for the woman you are. The message you transmit to many people goes beyond what you can imagine.
Paula Breunig
The universe conspires to our favor. Through a story on Instagram, I found you. And I read: Don`t give up shining to `disturb others less.` Whoever is bothered by who you are or what you represent will do it anyway. So, if the price is the same, be who you are and shine as intensely as possible.` With her, I learnt to reinvent myself. You know that kind of person who knows how to bring out the best in you? She managed to awaken dreams and thoughts that were buried there in my brain and forgotten... I am a different Francine before and after the Crystal Ball sessions. Investing in yourself is the best investment! Don`t forget that in life, the only person who will be with you until the end of the line is yourself. Your mind will never be the same after expanding your way of thinking, analysing, and seeing the world from a different perspective. We have so much to learn and taking everything in life lightly makes a difference. Be light and remove all unnecessary burden, LOVE YOURSELF! Be your own Mona Lisa. With all my love and admiration, Francine.
Francine Nicoluzzi
The process I did with Lisiane helped me start the year off on the right foot and with my heart in the present moment. I had been overloaded with activities for a long time, and it was about time I set new goals. On this path, the process with her was essential. Her presence and calm always touch the soul! Thank you!
Thaise Thomé
I had the opportunity to work with Lisi at two points in my life, and I hope that more opportunities arise in the future. The first moment was in 2017 when I was part of the management of a family business`s brand. Lisi`s project at this moment was important to humanize the company even more, bring team spirit and motivation. It also helped me face the challenges with more confidence. The second moment was recently, at the end of 2020, when I was considering the possibility of setting up my own business. I decided to launch my project, and I am very happy with the decision. The conversation I had with Lisi back then helped me make that decision. Lisi helps one find simple solutions to problems that often seem to have no way out. She is a professional with a lot of knowledge, attentive to details. Everyone should have the opportunity to work with Lisi one day!
Maira Enger - Holanda
Lisiane came into my life just at the right moment and without my choosing. I even commented that I was not very adept at coaching processes, largely due to the education and German family background I had, where the right thing for me was to lower my head and work, and that positive results would come as a consequence of a long and painful work, when personal matters would have been left aside. Gradually I realized that I was capable and that I had a lot of knowledge, and that even my vulnerability could be worked to my advantage. In a serene and firm way, Lisi managed to assist me, helping me to open new perspectives in the way I behaved and to draw new paths. She taught me daily-use techniques that made me grow, become stronger, and respect my life history, who I am, and what I have to offer. I can say that today I see myself differently, I see myself as a better version. I try to be less critical of myself and accept mistakes made as part of my learning and growth. And as she always told me: `And it`s all right.`
Stefania Sulzbach - Brasil
I did the coaching process with Lisi 5 years ago, when I was going through a period of many personal and professional changes. You know when you don`t want to stay where you are, but you also don`t know exactly where to go? That`s how I felt when I met Lisi. In total, I did two processes with her (one individual and one in a group) and it was a transformative experience - which still has an impact on my life today. Lisi asks precise questions, welcomes us, and stand by us along the way. And she makes us dive into ourselves, understand ourselves better, know what bothers us and what makes us smile. After the process, I gained more than confidence to move forward, I gained knowledge and learning that I still apply in my life today. Lisi is a whole revolution in a professional and I am eternally grateful for her to have passed through my life and helped me fly high.
Débora Xavier - Eua
This week I heard that the grape harvest of 2020 will be the most amazing of recent years. It means that in about 15 years, the reserved wine from 2020 will be very expensive, and people will remember that time and say `what a harvest!.` This reminded me a lot of the coaching process. The thing is, when we invest in ourselves, it is a long-term investment, we don`t get the return immediately. Just like this grape, which probably will only be valued in many years, I am sure that every year that goes by, I value even more the investment I made in myself back then. I have always had a lot of energy, I always wanted to do many things, but I was always running late, and I imagined that my rush meant that I would be successful in something. When I did the coaching process, I was looking for faster results; I wanted to be successful, I wanted to put my energy into something worthwhile, but I aimed for one thing and received another, because I finished the coaching process thinking a lot about myself and how much I deserved to take care of myself. Lisi taught me to have affection for my actions, to have affection for the demands I had on myself. She gave me permission to do things in the order I wanted, the way I wanted; she gave me permission to overflow. Today, in this moment we are living, in the middle of a pandemic, where so many people seem not to have emotional tools to deal with whatever they are doing, I feel very well, just ready. I am afraid of everything that is happening, I am afraid of the future, but I can only think about the harvest of 2020. Think about how much it was worth investing in myself back then. Today, I can give several examples of results that I see in my life, but the most important result and the one that interests me is the feeling of taking care of myself, the feeling that I will build things that I could not even imagine before, and all with great care. In a world that often tells us to just survive, it doesn`t seem to make much sense to take care of these intangible things, but I want to say that the best thing you can do for yourself is to take care of yourself. Lisi was definitely the most important person in this process. Lisi, thank you so much for everything you did, thank you for everything you do. And I always say that in every success of mine, there is a little piece of you, and that`s why I thank you so much for all of this. Today, I am no longer afraid of anything, I am just anxious; anxious for the harvest of 2020.
Larissa Sielichoff - Brasil
The Imperfect workshop helped me understand that we are not perfect and we don`t even need to be. For me, learning that we have both light and shadow was transformative. I highly recommend it for anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery.
Cibele Yoshinaga - Arquiteta
On the experience of taking the `Imperfect Workshop: a personal journey`: Years ago, I bought a T-shirt in Rio de Janeiro that read `I`m not perfect, but parts of me are excellent`... it was a hit at the time, but I didn`t understand the great lesson which was there. I could only accept this sentence with the level of personal demand that I have after taking the Imperfect Workshop and understanding that perfection does not exist because what is perfect for me may not be for others, what exists is who you are, the way you are, as a unique human being, because there is no one else like you. There might be others who are better, but only you can deliver what and how you deliver. We will never be completely ready - growth happens on the journey, learning and evolution are daily and never-ending. Only those who make mistakes and improve with their mistakes make progress. Understanding that I don`t need to be perfect was liberating, I just need to be the best I can be and that`s okay.
Carolaine Reis - Relacoes públicas
Back when I enrolled on the workshop, I thought it would only be for a search, a purpose... As time went by, I created expectations about how it would be and what I would take from those moments... Several things happened along the way, unplanned... but that`s life. Now, I can see all the meaning that the workshop had for me, by being able to better link and accept situations. Nothing is under our control, we have to take great care of ourselves, put love in our actions, and above all, have the courage to always be ourselves, regardless of the situation! Imperfect is beautiful! It`s acceptance! It`s exchange and welcome! Thank you for the peaceful and loving guidance.
Vanessa Cabral
Doing this immersion (Imperfect: The Personal Journey) with these inspiring women was a great and positive surprise, as it is very important to have people willing to show us that a journey can be lighter and still have a lot of meaning.
Stefania Sulzbach